Lepperton School is in the process of being rebuilt.  This is because the existing building is deemed to be a 'leaky building'.  
The Board of Trustees and Staff have spent many hours researching what we want in a new school.  We have visited many other schools, examined our teaching philosophy and are working closely with the architects to design a school that will cater for our 21st century learners.

Above are images of what the new school will look like.  
It will be positioned at the bottom of the hill, where the netball courts currently are.

The process of designing the new school gave rise to the opportunity to amalgamate the community hall with the school hall.  The New Plymouth District Council has agreed to sell the existing community hall and land, and donate some of the proceeds to the new hall on the school grounds.  This hall will be jointly run by the community and the school.  It will provide a fantastic facility for the community, offering a wide range of uses for sport, meetings and functions.
How Can You Help?
We are currently seeking funding through many sources.  Our hope is that members of the community will want to be a part of this, and donate towards the community share of the hall.  The Ministry of Education is funding a third of the costs, the New Plymouth District Council is kindly donating a portion of funds from the sale of land where the old hall is currently situated, and we have hired a professional fundraiser to apply for grants.  This leaves approximately $100,000 needed to come from the community.  
Donations will be recognised in the form of a legacy tree inside the new hall, see details below.