If you are interested in enrolling your child at Lepperton School, please complete the online enrolment form by clicking the link Online Enrolment Form or contact the office for more information.

School induction visits for new entrants are advisable, please contact the office with your details. Induction visits will then be arranged through the new entrant teachers. Please note: parents must be present at school during all induction visits.

Please bring the following documents on your child's first day at school.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunisation Certificate
  3. Proof of Address
  4. Information re Iwi affiliation (if applicable)

The Principal will request your child's records from the previous school, if applicable. Please have available the address and phone number of the previous school.

Lepperton School is zoned. This means that we will take students who live within the zone

(proof of address is required).

See the map and description below of our zone.

All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to be enrolled at Lepperton School. The zone includes homes on these roads and on roads that are within the area defined by these boundaries:

Kelly Road

Ackworth Road

Te Arei Rd East to the junction of Kelly Road

Kairau Road east to Rural Rapid Number 38

Richmond Road to Rural Rapid Number 1180

Wortley Road to Rural Rapid Number 651

Mountain Road to Rural Rapid Number 1265

Devon Road from Rural Rapid Number 1237 to the intersection with Richmond Road.

Te Arei Road West, Ninia Road to the junction with Corbett Road

Corbett Road from the junction of Ninia Road to the junction with Manutahi Road

Manutahi Road from Mountain Road to the junction with Lower King Road

Lower King Road

Upland Road to Rural Rapid Number 500

Awai Road

Hursthouse Road to Rural Rapid Number 350

Davis Road

Starting School Successfully

We believe that for your child to have the greatest possible start to their primary schooling they should be able to:

· Look and talk to others to communicate their needs

· Go to the toilet by themselves

· Say please and thank you

· Pack their own bag and be responsible for their own belongings

· Share and take turns

· Dress themselves fully

· Be independent with eating (this includes opening their lunchbox)

· Read and write their name

· Hold a pencil or pen correctly

· Identify most basic colours

· Count and identify basic numbers

· Use scissors safely

· Sit still and listen to a story

· Tell a story